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Frequently Asked Questions
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Question: Is a prescription required for my stockings?
Answer: For higher compression garments a prescription is required.

Question: Will my insurance pay for my stockings?
Answer: Some insurance companies will cover certain garments. Medicare will not cover a compression garment unless a diagnosis of venous stasis ulcer is on the prescription. However, in any case, provide us with a copy of your insurance card and we will file the claim for you to see if there is coverage.

Question: Is it difficult to get compression stockings on?
Answer: Depending on the garment, it could be difficult. We carry different types of aides that assure you can apply the stockings yourself. Our fitting session will teach you how to use the aides.

Question: How often should I wash my stockings?
Answer: These should be washed like any other garment on a daily basis. Washing helps to keep the compression intact.

Question: Do compression stockings come in colors?
Answer: Yes, there are a variety of colors in addition to white.

Question: Are T.E.D. hose the same as compression stockings?
Answer: No, these are for the recuperating immobile patient.

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