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About Us Our Blog Contact Us Custom Fitting Go To Compression Garments Mastectomy Products Leg Garments (Stockings) Arm Garments Hand Garments Chest Garments Fitting Aides: Butler, It Stays Bras Prostheses Compression Bras Camisoles Halliday's Healthcare Products has become a valued medical resource for patients in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. Halliday's is one of only a few medical companies in the region to stock compression garments and mastectomy products. Not only does Halliday's offer a wide range of hard-to-find products for both healthcare product categories, we also provide custom fitting under the supervisions of certified fitter, Carolyn Bass.

For Compression Garments and Mastectomy Products
Those who visit Halliday's include compression garment patients suffering from diabetes, lymphedema, edema, varicose veins, DVT, venous stasis, ulcers,
and dermatitis; and women who have gone through surgery for Breast Cancer and have had either a lumpectomy or mastectomy, who need bras and prostheses. In all of these cases, these products require custom fittings. They cannot be bought off the shelf the first time without a fitting.

Carolyn Bass, Certified Fitter
Carolyn Bass, Director of Halliday's Healthcare Division, provides expert custom fittings using only quality products from top medical manufacturers. With over 20 years experience and certifications from Amoena, Juzo, Jobst and Medi, Carolyn has the knowledge and care to assist men and women in dealing with some of the most stressful times of a patient's life.

Private and Comfortable Environment
At Halliday's we provide a private, comfortable environment for our customers to find the products they need and to learn how to use or apply these healtcare aids. In addition, Halliday's always guarantees a proper fit.

For A Private Appointment For a private, custom fitting, please call Carolyn for an appointment Monday through Friday bewteen 9a.m. and 3p.m. Call (904) 737-2216 or email appointments@hallidayshealthcareproducts.com.

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